ACUTONICS is sound healing, a healing modality based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Remarkably, it is in essence ‘Acupuncture without needles’. In many ways it is a deeper, more profound healing than Acupuncture. Acutonics is particularly valuable in allowing one to ‘shift’ in significant ways, to ground, and to feel more connected. Special tuning forks that are tuned to sounds of the cosmos are simply applied to the body points of the Chinese energy meridians. This sound vibration therapy is non-invasive, gentle and tremendously relaxing. Acutonics can easily be combined with Acupuncture for a profoundly relaxing and therapeutic session. $85/hour

ACUPUNCTURE is a principal form of TCM in which very fine needles are placed at precise locations on the skin to regulate energy (Qi).  It is a very effective modality of healing for a wide spectrum of problems.  Well known for its relief of pain, Acupuncture is in fact so much more than that; a very deep healing that is applicable to just about any condition or imbalance. $85/hour

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (TCM) is an ancient form of medical therapy that treats the individual on all levels: body mind and spirit. It is an energetic form of medicine that emphasizes balance (Yin – Yang).  There are a number of TCM treatment forms including ACUPUNCTURE.

PHYTOBIOPHYSICS is a comprehensive internal vibrational medicine therapy based on the healing properties of flowers and trees. All living cells including those in the human body vibrate at certain frequencies and are influenced by healing vibrational energy.  The Flower Formulas release energy blocks, antidote toxins, and aid in the assimilation of nutrients, encouraging the body’s own innate ability to heal on a very profound level.  These completely safe formulas are in the form of small sugar pills.  The Superfit (Tree) Formulas work in a similar way and are particularly powerful.  They are often used in conjunction with the Flower Formulas. $85/hour

HOLISTIC COUNSELLING is deeply listening to someone with openness and compassion allowing that person to discover, grow and emerge in spirit.  We ‘listen’ to everyone in all our therapies. $80/hour