Energy. Our approach to healing and supporting individuals very much relates to energy.  This is energy in the sense of human energy or life force. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we call it QI (pronounced Chee)

The amount, quality and movement of this energy influences how we feel, how healthy we are in every way. Metta Healing can play an important role in improving this life force energy, thus supporting you in your every day life. And our therapy is totally relaxing and enjoyable.

There are three main ways that we can help individuals with their energy.

1.   Revitalizing energy
‘Feeling tired all the time, low energy’.  A common problem is simply not having enough energy to deal with all the things we have to do in our daily life:  work, family and social responsibilities.

2.    Moving energy
Frequently, one has a store of energy but it is not accessible and not being used.  It is as if the energy is stuck somehow.  Moving this energy frees us up; it allows us to carry on in an open and free way, allows us to tap into our vast potential.

3.    Calming energy
“Feeling anxious, too much to do, inadequate sleep, stressed out'”.   A calm, relaxed energy allows us to move calmly with the world around us.  We can be rested and feel more alive.

We have designed three packages to improve energy based on these main energy requirements. Each package is designed to give you what you need in a very relaxing comfortable way.  We give you a complete break, free of cares and worries, a treat for yourself. And In each package we customize therapy to you.

Package 1Revitalizing Energy Therapy
Energy Acutonics
6 Sessions (1.0 hr / session)
Package cost: $450 + GST (Regular cost $510 + GST)

Package 2Moving Energy Therapy
Moving Energy Acutonics
6 Sessions (1.0 hr / session)
Package Cost: $450 + GST (Regular cost $510 + GST)

Package 3Calming Therapy
Calming Acutonics
6 Sessions (1.0 hr / session)
Package Cost: $450 + GST (Regular cost $510 + GST)