DR.BRIAN FARLINGER  is a registered Acupuncturist in the province of British Columbia. He has worked with the revolutionary treatment of Acutonics for 12 years. He believes in an intuitive approach to healing.

Brian has studied under Dr. Steven Aung (TCM, Acupuncture), Donna Carey (co-founder of Acutonics), Diana Mossop (founder of Phytobiophysics) and Mahmud Nestman (Counselling), to name a few. He has studied in both Canada and China.

His personal background includes ‘Spiritual Emergence’ and particularly ‘Spiritual Emergency’ in which he has a special interest. He is dedicated to supporting others on their unique life journeys.

Brian’s many interests include photography, fine art, architecture, design, music, film, poetry, dance, culinary arts, and travel. He has travelled extensively enjoying many different cultures.

“Talking about trust, I recently received a heavenly Acutonics treatment with
Dr. Brian Farlinger.” ~ Kemila Zsange